About us :

Sur Rehbar Foundation was founded in August 2020, by Dr. Susanna Sircar under section 8 of the companies act . SUR has a specific meaning, Social and Urban Revival. The idea of SUR came into existence in January 2019, when four of us friends sat together and dreamt to make a difference in the society together and bring the world into a motif of SUR.
SUR gave us a direction and vision to move forward as all of us were facing the turmoil of our own lives. SUR gave us a hope and a reason to spread happiness in order to attain one. However, we could not materialize the idea at that that time.
Then, during the Covid-19 Era, when the pandemic attacked and turned the entire world upside down, the need SUR again emerged and then Dr, Susanna Sircar made SUR a registered entity. 
Dr. M S Khan, Chairman of Rehbar Foundation, and Director of SUR has a major role to bring SUR into existence in the present concrete form. 
Mrs. Sangeeta Seth, a Social worker is also a Director in SUR contributing with her motivation and support
We are also delighted to have Pritima Chainani Barta, as a advisor, Mentor and the biggest support with us. Pritima is a freelance Management Coach, and Consultant, also a Research Scholar and Lecturer at University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany.
Rahul Verma, fits in every way and every activity. He is an advisor, Field Officer, and the most active volunteer, who is available 24*7 for SUR.             

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