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Dr. Pritima Chainani Barta
Dr. Pritima Chainani Barta
Our paths were meant to cross. Being devoted and committed to the cause of developing and nurturing social welfare in any form, Susanna Sircar and I were bound to work together at some point. When I lived in India, some 20 years ago, I believed that a part of my earnings and my time had to be invested in the people who needed it most. I contributed, in whatever way I could, to serve the hungry, to educate children, and to a certain extent, I was also involved in women’s upliftment and empowerment. Society in Germany didnt pose very different challenges. Despite Germany being a rich country, the need of the day of indigene people is also food, clothing and shelter. Women’s empowerment and child education, promoting an awareness of the diversity of humankind and respect for each other are also issues of German society. I work actively, as a volunteer, towards the betterment of society in Germany — a country, which has become my home too. Professionally, I am employed as a research associate at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences. I also work as a freelance coach and consultant for international professionals and executives and as a freelance lecturer at several Universities in Europe.

Susanna Sircar and I met through our common contacts on social media, and that was the start of a long-term friendship and intensive working relationship. Our very first talk felt like we had known each other for decades. The energy that bonds us is the same energy that gives each of us the inspiration to be devoted to the uplitftment and education of the underpriviledged and the excluded in our societies. 

As an Indian, I am naturally happy that I am now actively involved in social projects dealing with social challenges and issues not just in Germany but also in India. We have common goals  — working with the traumatised and the underpriviledged and including them in mainstream social activities so that they are also able to be productive members of society. For me, working with Sur Rehbar is full circle. I started my life in India, moved on to Germany, always remained strongly connected to my roots, and now I am actively involved in supporting Sur Rehbar’s projects in India. I consider it a divine blessing, to be able to, in some way, help in easing the pain of the traumatised and the underpriviledged and integrate them into Indian society as worthy and respected members.

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